Friday, July 15, 2011

Precious Hearts Day

Today I want to finish off my last two Precious Hearts quilts and post them off.

Finished one last night.


Today's qui;ts have similar tops ( all cut from the same stash box) but will have different backs - hearts for Precious Hearts on one nad some spring flowers on the other.

If the day goes well then I might try and get my new Moda Verna layer cake sewn together in the square in a square block I have been playing with.

The layer cake had a bonus thee squares which was cool - thank you Moda ( and Steph's patchwork at Moruya where I purchased it.

I need five squares per block so can get 8 blocks from the pack. I have, however, bought a matching fabric to put in as my focsu squares so am hoping to stretch to nine blocks for a really sweet lap quilt. Not sure who for at this point but someone will need a quilt soon and I will have one ready to go.

So let us see what I can get done on this last day of my holidays.

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