Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm Back!

It is has been a while, a distressing while.

I Young in NSW. I have lived here before, some 11 years ago...didn't like it

I moved to help out my oldest daughter, Daisy Diddlemouse with her babies, Rory the little golden princess (4) and the twin zeitgeists, Fraser and Oscar(2).

I have, however, sewn up a storm since I have been here.

I am going to try and record what I have done since moving here in January 2012, create a photo journal of what I do have, describe the quilts I didn't photograph but gave away and start recording my new beginnings.

I have decided its time to stop the guilt trip my life has been...I am taking a new tack....

Stop the perfect!!!!

Now I don't mean that I am perfect....I am so not....but I wish I was and punish myself mercilessly for all the things I do, sew and say that are not all know what I mean...and of course with no one reading this I can be as honest as I want. being not perfect.

To finishing stuff rather than bemoaning not having the perfect stuff to finish it.

To trying new things...machine quilting without aforementioned guilt about not doing so as I lack perfection.
To sewing something every day.
To giving things away and knowing I made someone smile (perhaps with indulgence at my less than perfect gift and their needing to accept so as not to hurt my feelings).
To letting myself enjoy mistakes.
To getting a few little bits together ( I am thinking 200 items) ready to do a craft market somewhere (a necessity to relieve my burgeoning sewing room of perfect bits to be turned into imperfect joy).
To reevaluating my career and what I want to do for the last fifteen years of my working life.

To taking and posting pics of very thing I make and perhaps write a tutorial or two

To it!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bits and Pieces; Show and Tell

Wow a busy couple of weeks. I am tired out from school but still trying to get a little sewing done each night.

I finally finished off my placemats, the string quilt and the pin cushions to go into the gallery.

Here are my hand dyed pure wool felt pin cushions, They feature hand embroidered flowers and paisley designs I created myself.

Here is the string quilt. I finished with stippling and the quilt is reversible with bright strawberry fabric on the back.

Placemat sets with oven mitts and trivets all ready to go.
And, here are the Precious Hearts quilts finished and ready to post.

So, a good weeks work all in all.

I still have my Moda Verna quilt to finish. It is still at the block stage but will be this week's project.
I also want to get started on the summer dresses for all my granddaughter's for Xmas soon. I am looking out for some pretty fabrics.

I also want to make a journal cover and a not board. Things to do for the week.


Back with a vengeance

The exhausting first two weeks of term are over and I can get back to recording my sewing odds and ends.

I have been working on the ten minute block quilts and have managed to finish three in two weeks. Amazing what you can get done if you are willing to fore go sleep.

Detail of quilting; I am still learning how to do machine quilting so not too good yet but they say practice makes perfect!

This is 'Sue's' quilt. Sue is the wife of a colleague who has just found out she has breast cancer. I wanted to make her something to know we are all thinking positive thoughts for her as she enters her first operations and treatment.  I made nine blocks for a lap quilt using a 3 Sisters by Moda layer cake. I chose a deep pink self patterned fabric for the centers. This size is excellent for cuddling on the lunge or watching tv. I hope Sue likes it.

This quilt is gorgeous. Steph's Patchwork had this lovely Paris label fabric which I have placed in the center of the blocks.

I have used the Gothic temple quilting design and kept it pretty simple to allow the quilt to be puffy and luxurious.

This is the scrap quilt I put up in block form before it was quilted. I have quilted temple shape arcs and then filled those in with meandering to add texture. The quilt is super warm and very very bright!
So three good sized quilts finished in two weeks. Watch for my new  posts that have my finished Precious Hearts quilts and bits and pieces for Lizette's gallery.

I  am thrilled to see these finished.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Precious Hearts Day

Today I want to finish off my last two Precious Hearts quilts and post them off.

Finished one last night.


Today's qui;ts have similar tops ( all cut from the same stash box) but will have different backs - hearts for Precious Hearts on one nad some spring flowers on the other.

If the day goes well then I might try and get my new Moda Verna layer cake sewn together in the square in a square block I have been playing with.

The layer cake had a bonus thee squares which was cool - thank you Moda ( and Steph's patchwork at Moruya where I purchased it.

I need five squares per block so can get 8 blocks from the pack. I have, however, bought a matching fabric to put in as my focsu squares so am hoping to stretch to nine blocks for a really sweet lap quilt. Not sure who for at this point but someone will need a quilt soon and I will have one ready to go.

So let us see what I can get done on this last day of my holidays.