Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back with a vengeance

The exhausting first two weeks of term are over and I can get back to recording my sewing odds and ends.

I have been working on the ten minute block quilts and have managed to finish three in two weeks. Amazing what you can get done if you are willing to fore go sleep.

Detail of quilting; I am still learning how to do machine quilting so not too good yet but they say practice makes perfect!

This is 'Sue's' quilt. Sue is the wife of a colleague who has just found out she has breast cancer. I wanted to make her something to know we are all thinking positive thoughts for her as she enters her first operations and treatment.  I made nine blocks for a lap quilt using a 3 Sisters by Moda layer cake. I chose a deep pink self patterned fabric for the centers. This size is excellent for cuddling on the lunge or watching tv. I hope Sue likes it.

This quilt is gorgeous. Steph's Patchwork had this lovely Paris label fabric which I have placed in the center of the blocks.

I have used the Gothic temple quilting design and kept it pretty simple to allow the quilt to be puffy and luxurious.

This is the scrap quilt I put up in block form before it was quilted. I have quilted temple shape arcs and then filled those in with meandering to add texture. The quilt is super warm and very very bright!
So three good sized quilts finished in two weeks. Watch for my new  posts that have my finished Precious Hearts quilts and bits and pieces for Lizette's gallery.

I  am thrilled to see these finished.

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