Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July A great day for a sewathon!


Make the decision to keep attacking the stash cupboard. I want to make another quilt colorway of the 3 seam quilt. I think I shall empty the top shelf and see how many fabrics there are and make a scarppy style quilt. The dimensional squares will all be the same to tie the quilt together, I can bind in the same fabric, but all the sqaures should be different.

MMMM..... so, for a queen bed quilt top I will need 64 scrap squares and 16 feature squares.

To the cupboard.....

OKAY................. 70 fabrics here in a variety of lengths and sizes. A couple of squares extra will be handy for any fabrics that just don't work or can be used to make some matching euro pillows.

I hate cutting but here goes.....

9:10 Time for a rest .....

32 squares cut so half way.

Some of these fabrics are quite old- over 20 years; and there is at least one vintage apron scrap I have had for over thirty years- so sad... but they will look amazing in this scrap quilt and smile happily at me from my bed by tonight... I hope!

So tea and toast finished, I have indulged myself with sitting in the sun drinking tea and eating toast with Rose's Lime Marmalade- just the best... but back to the quilt. Will post more when the other half of the squares are cut.

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